Why and how


We want to make a tangible change in the society we live in.

One book opened our eyes to the fact that:

  • we can improve the lives of many, but only if we unite around a common interest and become united;
  • if we have a roof over our head and work, our standard of living is higher than the average world standard and each one of us can do a lot with only 1% of our revenue (here you can verify for yourself);
  • together we are stronger and we can achieve more;
  • the easiest way to change begins with us and the people around us;
  • the first step is easy, but the key is in perseverance – doing good every month, even every day…

We believe that with only 1% of our monthly income, each of us can be the engine of change. We want to make it easier for people to be good by creating prerequisites for everyone to have the desire and opportunity to spend only a small part of their income on a monthly basis towards an altruistic cause.

1 Percent Change is proof that good things are simple. Together, we can do a lot.

Join us.


Our goal is to work on causes that are outside of the focus of larger foundations and campaigns, and at the same time meet the targeted funds we collect monthly.

The budget for one cause is currently

3 500 – 5 500 BGN.

We strive for the causes we support to be:

  • Diverse – you can verify for yourself here
  • Specific – with a concrete subject/cause, not part of a larger initiative
  • Measurable – for each cause we have a preliminary budget that we submit to the members of the association. The amount is always realistic, achievable and in line with the number of members
  • with long-term effect – aim for sustainable, qualitative change in the life of the beneficiaries

Препоръчай кауза


1 Percent Change is a registered association with UIC 177028999.

The bank account of the association is:
IBAN BG89RZBB91551007127257

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do:

  • over 99% of the donations are received by bank transfer;
  • all donations from member of the association go towards the realization of the causes we support;
  • the association exists with minimal operating costs (fees for bank accounts, Pay-Pal, e-mail and website account), which are covered by donors’ donations;
  • as a rule, we do not transfer the amounts collected, instead, we buy/finance the needs of the beneficiaries of the product or service;
  • if the funds collected during a given month exceed the targeted amount for a respective cause, they are transferred for a future period (this was confirmed by a vote of the members of the association in October 2016);
  • for each cause, we maintain the necessary document flow from invoices, payment, donation contracts, and so on.

You can see the current balance of the of the collected and donated amounts by at the end of last month here.

For each cause, you can view the financial statements of the company as well as all documents related to the causes (payment, invoices, copies of contracts, etc.).

See the reports

Become part of the change

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